Checking Up On “Facts”

We all hear politicians, corporations, etc make claims all of the time.  Election seasons certainly highlight this and we are all suspicious of just how true many of the claims made are.  Did Obama vote to raise taxes 94 times?  Will his healthcare plan save the average American $2,500?  Did McCain really suspend his campaign to work on the “bail out” plan?  Who is this Joe The Plumber guy any way?  Is Sarah Palin a hypocrite when she accused Obama of socialism?  Would churches have really lost their tax exempt status if Prop 8 failed? What about teaching gay marriage in schools? There is a website that is impartial and is dedicated to exposing the false truths thrown around daily in the political world.  It habitually calls out both sides of the political spectrum when they exaggerate or outright lie.  As I participate in this blog, a good portion of my source information may just end up coming from this website.  For anyone wishing to be able to keep up with all the political-speak with a quick browse through a website,

is a good place to start!  The site certainly can not keep up with every comment made by everyone out there, but they certainly do their best to keep up with the things that are most blatant within the issues and debates that are most important most talked about at any given time.

Also for everyone who comes through this blog, be sure to check facebook and the many various websites being used to organize rallies and protests against the elimination of same-sex marriage in California.  Sites such as

are great sites with comprehensive lists of protests all over California as well as in other states around the country.



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