“The Thought Police”

By now most of us know the story. On October 17, 2008 Minnesota’s Republican Representative, Michele Bachmann, discussing Barak Obama’s affliation with Bill Ayers on the MSNBC news show Hardball with Chris Matthews, said that the media should investigate Congress for anti-American views. If you watch the whole ten minute interview, she goes on and on ranting about liberals and Matthews ask her very clearly if being liberal means being anti-American. She says, “Yes…blah blah blah.” She says very plainly that Obama has anti-American views and says that the U.S. is full of Americans who hate America, especially in our Universities (you can see the whole interview here).

Now, having somehow managed barely to win reelection after making such statements, she is trying to tell the country that this whole thing never even really happened. This week on Fox’s Hannity and Colmes she claimed that she never said Obama had anti-American views, she never called for Congress to be investigated for anti-American views. She said that it was an “urban legend,” something she never said, a big bad rumor. Colmes read her the quote, even showed the footage of her saying it and she still denied it (you can see the interview here).

Clearly she is a liar. She is so much a liar that she will even continue to lie when her own lie is played back right in front of her face. She is dangerous, she called for a resurgence of Orwell’s Thought Police, a call to a renewed McCarthyism. Now, instead of apologizing or admiting that she was wrong and made a mistake, she is trying to tell us that we were all imagining it. How condescending. How cowardly. How insulting.

We have seen this before. This is a classic tactic of the Bush Administration. Mistake after mistake, but never admission. They can not bring themselves to say they were wrong, to admit a mistake, they simply talk around it. They change history by saying they meant something else, by saying the never said the things that they were caught on camera saying. They are THE PARTY of Orwell’s 1984, continually erasing and recreating history to impose the illusion that THE PARTY has always existed, always been right, always successful, always victorious, never incorrect, never mistaken, never flawed, never human.

As informed citizens it is our duty to spread word of such lies. We must warn against those who seek to turn totalitarianism loose on our country or any other. We must guard against those who would try to use the tools of democratic ideals and government to hunt down not only dissenters and free thinkers, but anyone whom they label “liberal.” They seek to outlaw beliefs, thoughts, diversity, human and civil rights. The closing of American society seems to have already begun. The question is whether the people will continue to sit back and watch it happen, to approve of its happening. People like Michele Bachmann should not be in office where they can affect our nations domestic or foreign policy in even a small way. Her and other conservatives of like mind are a danger to freedom and democracy in our country and in the world. We can only hope the people of her district will wake up and see the kind of person they have put in office to represent them.


One Response to ““The Thought Police””

  1. It’s always amazing to me that politicians think they can use the same excuse that an 8 year old uses with his mom when he gets caught in a lie “It wasn’t me!” or “No I didn’t!” even though there is recorded proof of their actions.

    I think the media needs to just step up and do as it once did – catch people in their lies and demonstrate proof of deceptive misdirection tactics. I hope that this site can be that kind of a resource for our readers.

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