End of an Error

Finally, after 8 years under an oppressive president and administration mired in unconstitutional practices, a constant whittling away of civil rights and the utter destruction of our economy, we have a breath of fresh air. As President Obama placed his hand on Licoln’s bible and took his oath of office administered to him by Chief Justice Roberts (an outright corporatists whose entire career revolved around upholding corporations’ rights against the rights of workers) I breathed a sigh of relief. For 1/4 of the years that I’ve been alive on this earth, I’ve had to live under the oppressive rule of Bush’s gulag.

Obama's Oath

One of the things that stood out for me as the new president took his oath was how the Chief Justice stumbled in his administering of the oath. It was as if this puppet justice, appointed by Bush and his corporatist cronies, knew that the jig was up. We can only hope that in addition to his promises of energy independence, a revival and preservation of civil rights, a restoration of our country’s reputation around the world and a revitalization of our economy, that President Obama will also remember that part of defending the Constitution includes holding those who have broken its laws accountable.

I know we are all elated about the new president and the hope that he brings, but I firmly hold that in order to move forward, we need to mend the wounds of the past and make amends where we can. The time is NOW to hold former president George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and the rest of the amerofascists, accountable for their war crimes, their illegal wire tapping programs, their negligence in handling of federal disasters like Katrina, lying to the American people in the face of counterintelligence about weapons of mass destruction, breaking habeas corpus, and the multitude of other crimes they commited.

We need to remember, and make visible to the entire world, that the United States of America is a nation of laws an that NO MAN is above the law.


One Response to “End of an Error”

  1. countryjim13 Says:

    I agree. Even if in the end there are no convictions, the prosecutions still must take place. If they do not it will be tantamount to sending a message to all future administrations that they can stomp on our ethical ideals and break the law in the process without having to fear the justice of the next administration of leaders. Furthermore, if we are to regain a position of true prominence and respect and leadership among the other nations of the world we must not only talk, but we must prove that we mean the words that we say through serious action. The only serious action that could be taken in light of these crimes is criminal prosecutions.

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