Gay Prime Minister

gay-pm2It seems that the gay rights movement will have a victory!  Iceland is set to appoint the first openly gay Prime Minister.  Iceland’s government recently failed as a result of the global economic crisis and Johanna Sigurdardottir, the social affairs minister is set to appointed as interim Prime Minister as early as tomorrow.  Once appointed, she will serve as Prime Minister until elections are held this Spring to elect a new government. (1)

For the first time, an openly gay person will be at the head of a nation’s government.  How much, if at all this will affect the gay rights movement in the United States or anywhere else in the world is not known of course.  This may be something of a small victory.  But it is a victory nonetheless and one that should celebrated.


One Response to “Gay Prime Minister”

  1. Now she just needs to turn that whole country around and we’ll prove, once and for all, that gay and lesbian leaders can be just as good as their straight counterparts, if not better! hehe.

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