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Public Service Announcement: National Defense of Marriage Act Protest

Posted in public notices on January 4, 2009 by countryjim13

Saturday January 10, 2009 is a nationwide day of protest against The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  DOMA is a shameful piece of federal legislation that was signed into law by former President Bill Clinton.  President-elect Barak Obama has expressed his opposition to DOMA and the day of protest is meant to display a massive show of opposition to the law and by doing so encourage Obama to overturn it when he becomes President in two weeks.  Protest events are taking place all over the nation.  CLICK HERE to find events in a city nearest to you. 

Gay Marriage Marches


Checking Up On “Facts” Part II: The War On Christmas

Posted in politics, public notices, religion, society and culture on December 24, 2008 by countryjim13

Here is a link to a great article by Michelle Goldberg on about the extreme right’s attempt to actually create a liberal, secular, humanist war on Christmas as a way of acting like they are playing defense in America’s culture war when in reality they are on the offensive against seperation of church and state, pluralism, humanism, and cultural diversity and tolerance in general.  I highly recommend reading the article as means of fact checking this supposed “war on Christmas” that we’ve become all too familiar with thanks to conservative pundits such Bill O’Riley and a gang of preachers using their pulpit in this culture war as means of salvaging a small vestige of whatever political power the church may still have in the face of an increasingly liberal minded nation and the decreasingly weakened voting power of the religious right.  These preachers and pundits are using their made up war on Christmas to rally their troops in a culture war that is becoming increasingly heated  as it is more and more full of issues which the right <span style=”font-size:x-small;font-family:Verdana
sees it has very little chances of winning and so fights to win all the more ferociously.  If your power to influence real issues is continually on the wane, make up an issue to try and revitalize and energize your base!

Join the Impact!

Posted in public notices with tags , on November 12, 2008 by mightyfag

Cities across the country will be staging coordinated protests this Saturday November 15,2008 at 10:30am PST (1:30am EST). Gather at your local city hall, bring your signs, noisemakers and more. The more we speak out and let the general populace know about the injustice of Proposition 8, the more awareness we bring to the dangers of taking away anyone’s civil rights. Join us as we march on City Hall!

Learn more at Join the Impact!

Checking Up On “Facts”

Posted in public notices on November 11, 2008 by countryjim13

We all hear politicians, corporations, etc make claims all of the time.  Election seasons certainly highlight this and we are all suspicious of just how true many of the claims made are.  Did Obama vote to raise taxes 94 times?  Will his healthcare plan save the average American $2,500?  Did McCain really suspend his campaign to work on the “bail out” plan?  Who is this Joe The Plumber guy any way?  Is Sarah Palin a hypocrite when she accused Obama of socialism?  Would churches have really lost their tax exempt status if Prop 8 failed? What about teaching gay marriage in schools? There is a website that is impartial and is dedicated to exposing the false truths thrown around daily in the political world.  It habitually calls out both sides of the political spectrum when they exaggerate or outright lie.  As I participate in this blog, a good portion of my source information may just end up coming from this website.  For anyone wishing to be able to keep up with all the political-speak with a quick browse through a website,

is a good place to start!  The site certainly can not keep up with every comment made by everyone out there, but they certainly do their best to keep up with the things that are most blatant within the issues and debates that are most important most talked about at any given time.

Also for everyone who comes through this blog, be sure to check facebook and the many various websites being used to organize rallies and protests against the elimination of same-sex marriage in California.  Sites such as

are great sites with comprehensive lists of protests all over California as well as in other states around the country.