Contributing Authors


Name: Eddy Gutierrez
Handle: “MightyFag”
Bio: I am our resident militant gay man. I’ve been politically active since the young age of 14 when I helped start a young adults’ program at the local gay and lesbian community center. I am a student of comparative religion and keep a keen eye on the political misguidance that many large churches propagate. I have a B.F.A. in Art, a Doctorate in Divinity, am an ordained reverend and a shameless liberal who works to unearth the lies that many politicians disseminate in their campaigns. (The words I write here are my own and do not reflect the position of the church I am associated with in any way.)


Name: J.A.K.
Handle: CountryJim13
Bio: I am a teacher, musican and poltical activist with a B.A. in history. I am an unapologetic leftist and have been involved in environmental, anti-war, and consumer advocacy movements for almost 10 years (a third of my life now!).  Now, it seems, I am compelled by both compassion and necessity to be a civil rights activist as well.  I have a wonderful family with a fiance and two children.  My fiance and I, however, find that we can not ethically justify getting legally married ourselves until all humans in our society enjoy the same human, civil RIGHT.

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